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Mein Tag In Mitte.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On now: Blackmail "Same Sane"

Not much new to report. Just killing time between gigs. I was off last weekend, but I didn't go out. Dash and Dry played Saturday night walking distance from my flat and Claude Young played Berghain, but I fell asleep and didn't wake up 'till 2 am. Still could have gone, it being Berlin, but stayed home. If I don't leave the house by
midnight, forget it.

Went to the Hamburger Bahnhof yesterday to see some art. When I was here last, it was free on Tuesdays but they changed it. I wasn't spending 8 EUR to get in, so I just got some postcards from the bookstore part instead. They had a lot of books on sale, including this Michael Mann book I've been circling. Unfortunately, I want the English version (Christmas is coming, guys, hint hint).

Walking down Chauseestrasse in Mitte (right near A Guy Called Gerald's studio), I hear somebody call my name. It's Stewart Walker in a car with his friends. They pulled over to talk to me. I've always liked Stewart (and I don't truly like that many people, ha ha) and it's always good to see him. He used to be a skinny little white kid, now he's all filled out.

It's crazy how shit like that happens all the way over here, running into people. When I'm out in Chicago, I never see anyone I know on the street, except the one time I ran into Jeff over the summer. Guess that proves Berlin's the happening place.

Speaking of Jeff, Giaxia's going to see him and Rich play L.A. end of the month. Isn't it wild how we get around? I love this life sometimes.

-AO :: 4:09 AM ::


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