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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The issue of Slices with me in it is out. Yay! My copies just came today. I look good on camera. Check out www.sensemusic.de and get one.

I also have a cameo in the Richie Hawtin documentary. There's a live Cybersonik performance circa 1990 in which I MCed for the band. Pretty wild. I saw it and cringed. Thankfully, I wasn't identified in the actual DVD but if you see the film, there I am.

I saw the Jeff Mills "Blue Potential" DVD. It was great. For those who don't know, a full orchestra is performing Jeff Mills compositions in an open-air venue. It's beautiful. An orchestra with a 909 kick under it. Techno tracks become film music before your eyes. People should be turning backflips over this DVD, it's a shame. It's even dumber when you hear the total bullshit people *are* going crazy over.

The Octave One DVD, "Off The Grid," is cool, too. It's a real film. I liked how they would cut the same track between different perfomances. Very creative. The new tracks are the shit, too. "Rock My Dub" is the one.

I guess it's time for me to finally do my own documentary! I've been sitting on hours of live footage from all over the world for literally years. I recently found out a neighbor of mine is a video editor, so I guess that's a sign.

Oh, here are some photos of the latest art installation at No Friction Cafe here in the Chi. The art will be up at least 'till February if not longer. By spring, there will be some new big pieces for you to look at (and hopefully BUY, cough), I'm working on them right now.

No Friction is at 2023 N. California between Milwaukee and Armitage in Bucktown. 773-278-7170. Try the hot chocolate, it's gooooooood.

Last weekend I played a gig in Cleveland called Blitzen 2. It was the shit. The production was tight. The crowd was young, happy, colorful and insane. Midwest raves are back and not a minute too soon. I'm blessed to be a part of it all over again. The party was a smash and the promoter made a lot of money, so I think there'll be more.

-AO :: 2:26 PM ::


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