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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Home Again.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Snowbound once again in Chicago. Everybody bitches about the snow but I like it. It's fun. It makes everything feel cozy. Just get some supplies and stay indoors for awhile. I'm just a middle-American like that. Call me corny if you want to. You better enjoy it now, 'cause in 20 years, there won't be any snow due to global warming.

The downside is that I can't go out and run, hence I'm getting that winter paunch, dammit. I'm the type of guy who can just eat a sandwich and my face blows up. I hate that about me.

Berlin will take care of that, though. I always lose weight over there. Angie from Detroit Techno Militia saw me recently and loved my little weight loss. "Wow, you look so good!" I owe it all to the Berlin Diet.

Played out in Denver over the weekend, another killer show. Had to be 800-1000 people there, all dancing, screaming and having fun. I saw some real young rave kids there, like 16-18. They were all dressed up. It was wild. They shut off the lights at one point and it was a sea of glowsticks out in the crowd. The set-up was nice and solid, great monitors and sound. I really got to rock it for the kids. Techno is all new to them. There were actually paparazzi all around me taking pics as I spun.

A couple of friends of mine showed up, too. They'd never been to a party before. It was funny to watch them react to the crowd.

Flights were cool. I just missed the weather coming and going. I passed thru Dallas on the way back and there were people who had been trying to get out for two days due to weather issues. Soon as I got to ORD, there was a mini-snowstorm.

Oh! Forgot to add that I saw D. L. Hughley at ORD when I got in. He was wearing big ol' sunglasses like Cyclops from the X-Men. Nope, no pictures, dammit.

"The Art of Transformation" is just now coming out in Japan and got four out of five stars from Cisco Records! Thanks to all of you who supported and continue to support that project. My next CD-only release as DJ T-1000 comes out this summer.

2007 is really kicking off well for me after my "wilderness period."

PS: Eddie Murphy got ROBBED at the Oscars!

PPS: If you're on here looking for the link to my live set from Cleveland, scroll down.

-AO :: 11:41 AM ::


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