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Gamma Player.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Went to the opening reception for Jeff Mills' new store Gamma Player the other night. Loved the store, black and minimal. The clothes on offer are very exclusive couture from France and Japan with t-shirts that start at $60.

Champagne and finger food was served. Only a close-knit group and friends and family were invited and I was glad to be among them. I was surprised to see Zana from Spectacles in Detroit make an appearance. I hadn't seen her in literally years. A friend of Yoko's from Tokyo even came in for one day to attend.

Jeff's mom was stylin'. Her hair was 100% Diana Ross. Got to love the old-school black women, the true soul sisters, they have style. We went from Lt. Uhura, Nancy Wilson, and Diahann Carroll to Lil Kim, New York, and Superhead. SMH.

Giaxia showed up after I did. She was wearing her tall, sexy black boots. She's like 6' in them, I love that. Mmm mmm mmm.

Tim Baker told me that the rumor around town was that I'd gone back to Detroit. I found that quite odd. But I completely stopped going out to clubs/DJ events/spinning in Chicago over a year ago, so I can see why people would think that, I suppose. I save all my going-out for Berlin, when I'm not playing out myself.

At the end of the evening, Jeff passed out small gift bags with the Gamma Player logo embossed on them, black on black. Inside was a copy of the special Gamma Player CD compilation available only at the store, and a Gamma Player flyer. Class and style.

Overall, Gamma Player looks like it's gonna be a hit, and I wish Jeff and Yoko lots of success with their new venture.

If you're in Chicago, visit Gamma Player at 2035 West Division in Wicker Park, Chicago, 60622. Tel: 773-235-0755.

Off to dinner in Chinatown with Giaxia. Talk later.

-AO :: 4:56 PM ::


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