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Monday, May 14, 2007

Was in Glasgow over the weekend. Glasgow is always fun and interesting. I always have to tell my hosts to slow down when they talk. I can understand German more than Scottish sometimes.

Gig was in a small venue, Maggie May's Basement. There's a restaurant upstairs where we had the pre-show dinner (which was great, by the way). The older I get, the more I like small places like that as opposed to big parties. I like the big-party paydays though =)

An old friend of mine, Tim Barr, rolled through. Tim did one of the first big UK articles on me when I first started out, years ago. He also wrote "The Rough Guide to Techno" among other things. I haven't seen him in the flesh since those days. I didn't recognize him at first. It was nice to see him, though.

Graham from Seventh Sign came by, too. I do artwork for his label.

Aril Brikha and Dave Angel were both playing the same night as me, so attendance was a little low, but it wasn't an outright flop, either, which I appreciated. I've lived through my share of those so trust me, I know the difference. The crowd that was there were well into it. I like playing to UK crowds in those rare occasions because they know their music from the beginning. When I dropped "We Call it Acieed" by D-Mob (1988), they knew the track and loved it. Same with Suburban Knight's "The Art of Stalking," which I play out regularly.

This was also the first time I played "I Told You Not To Stop" by Final Cut out, the remix version with the Chris Connelly vocals. I recently dug it out of my grandmother's basement back in Detroit. That track is almost 20 years old and it still works.

You won't be hearing any of this, though, due to the fact that somebody forgot to press "record." =P

I was very pleased to discover that pretty girls like techno in Glasgow. They like it hard, too, Tresor-style. They were screaming like it was a boy-band concert.

As always, the trip was too quick. I was back in Berlin by 12 pm the next day. I even got to hit up my little Sunday brunch spot. I went there straight from the airport, complete with records. All you can eat for € 7. Plus they let you take a plate home (In America, they charge extra). Can't beat that deal. It was a beautiful sunny day, too, after a solid week of rain, so I got to eat outside. I love Berlin.

Thanks to Sean Matthews and crew for a great night.

PS: The Generator website is now online courtesy of Giaxia. Check it out here.

PPS: My birthday is coming up next week, find some gift ideas here, LOL.

-AO :: 3:41 AM ::


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