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Spiderman 3.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I went to my very first movie here in Berlin today. I've been coming here for almost 10 years off and on, and have never actually gone to the cinema. So I went to the Sony Center with my friend Antje to check out "Spiderman 3" in English.

American moviegoers, consider yourselves lucky. There's a solid half-hour of commercials before the flick begins, with a meager two coming attractions.

Like the first two Spidey flicks, this one brought tears to my eyes once again, the true spirit and magic of the old-time Marvel Comics right up there on the screen (I am old enough to remember all the bunk super-hero shows and cartoons there were before CGI and Japanese/Korean animation was invented). I was concerned with how they'd fit both Sandman and Venom into the flick, not to mention the ongoing Green Goblin plotline and the addition of Gwen Stacy (the beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard; hard to believe her father is Opie!), but they did it.

Action and fight sequences were off the fucking hook. As good or better than the first two films. The Spidey/Hobgoblin fight at the beginning of the film was worth the price of admission alone. Just the right balance of action, character bits, comedy, and schmaltz. A lot of close-ups and watery eyes. Great, great stuff.

And this one scene where Spidey swings into the frame to save the day, with the American flag behind him (a la the last frame of the first flick) and the NYC crowd cheering him, was the money shot of the year. See, I still believe in stuff like that. It's what superheroes are all about. Protecting America. I was disappointed when in "Superman Returns," Perry White dismissed what Superman stood for as "truth, justice, and all that other stuff." Just waved it off like it wasn't shit, you know.

Put it this way, though, the Spidey flicks, which borrowed heavily from the 1978 "Superman" movie, out Superman-ed "Superman Returns."

Which is messed up when you think about it.

But anyway, I read on the 'net that "Spidey 3" did the biggest opening of all time. It's well-deserved. There are still lots of threads for a fourth "Spidey," (Dr. Curt Conners has yet to become The Lizard, the death of Gwen Stacy, etc.) but if they end it here it would be great.

Definitely a go-see at full price. Don't wait for the DVD.

Speaking of Superman, I saw "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" before I left the States. I guess I'm not a good fanboy, 'cause I liked Richard Lester's version a lot better.

The only thing Donner's version had going for it were the Brando scenes that weren't used in the released version due to money issues. But the way Lester handled the escape of the Phantom Zone criminals was way better in my opinion. And Lester's version had a better ending.

-AO :: 1:37 PM ::


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