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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

New Interview.

Monday, September 24, 2007

In anticipation of my return to Berlin and the release of "The Art of Transformation 2," Vibe Magazine Germany recently asked me a few questions.

How do you face current developments in electronic music? Do you notice trends carefully and do you include these in your DJ sets/productions or do you go the traditional way, keeping to the roots of Detroit and Chicago?

I play whatever I like and whatever makes the crowd move, old or new. But the older tracks have more soul and history than the newer stuff. Even the harder ones.

For a few years many different musicians have moved to Berlin. You also live in the German capital now, part-time. Was this a long-planned step or was this random? What are the differences between Chicago and Berlin?

I have been coming to Berlin for 10 years for gigs, but only recently have I begun to live there part time. The main difference between Chicago and Berlin is that in Berlin and Europe in general there are actual audiences for different types of electronic dance music, and an amazing lack of scene politics, mean-spiritedness and general negativity that you would find in Chicago or Detroit.

Do you concentrate at the moment more on musical plans or on other areas, like art exhibitions or your creative activities as a illustrator?

At the moment, I’m getting two new CDs ready for release, plus getting ready for my fall European Tour, so I am in full music mode. But I have requests for new gallery shows as well as new comic book releases in 2008, so I’ll be getting back to artwork very soon.

Is it acceptable for you to be classified as a DJ in the area between Minimal and quite hard Techno? Also we notice you produce Trip Hop as well as Downtempo. Where do you get your inspirations for this new direction?

Yes it’s quite acceptable for me. Going between minimal and hard is like sex; buildup, release, comedown, then start again. Hard and soft dynamics. My inspiration for downtempo comes from such groups as Massive Attack, and film music. I am very informed by film and visuals and would like to direct one day.

Which location gets the priority: factory hall, club or even the art gallery?

All three!!!! Anywhere there are cool people.

What do you think about the varied possibilities on the internet for producers, labels etc.? Where do you see going the development after MP3, MySpace, YouTube, etc.?

The good news is that people can now get their music to the people cheaply. The bad news: there’s so much stuff out there now and nobody to tell you what’s good. That’s what record labels and A&R men used to do, wade through all the bad stuff so you didn’t have to. Now, there’s no filter, just a bunch of noise and hype coming at you.

What projects are planned in the near future?

Two CD downtempo projects are on the way on my xfive label: Alan D. Oldham “The Art of Transformation 2” and my vocal trip-hop project The Inside “Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends.” Both will arrive Christmas 2007 at www.puresonikrecords.net. There are also new Tresor tracks also on the horizon. And we will start selling Generator/Pure Sonik/xfive tracks digitally in ‘08.

Why are your CD releases limited to 100 copies?

It's not my goal to sell a lot of CDs, but to reach that select number of people who like and understand my direction.

Last question: Do you also take a stand on politics?

Yes. I am a Democrat. I am progressive, yet still believe in making money. I hate Republicans and conservatives and I’m pretty much against everything they stand for, such as the War in Iraq. I like one of the Democratic candidates for president, but won’t say which one =) The 2000 election shook my faith in voting, however.

-AO :: 12:33 PM ::


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