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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Notes From Berlin.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've been busy touring so I haven't put up a new blog entry in a while, but the tour's half over, so here I am. It's fun over here as you'd expect, but also a lot of work travelling. Getting in and out of airports is no fun. Plus, it's fucking cold here.

Gigs have been pretty cool so far except a couple where I ran into some difficulties to say the least. More on that later.

Did a minimal/old-school/new wave ping-pong with Chroma S. at this little bar in Friedrichshain for drinks when I first got here. That was fun.

Ran into Jeff Mills at the airport last week.

Played Tresor last night, great as usual, although I felt my set was a bit uneven. The crowd was with me though. Adam X showed up. He lives here now. He's been schooling me on what new software to get. Yes, I'm going digital next year if all goes well. I've held off long enough.

At the Tresor dinner before the club, I hung out with Stewart Walker, James Ruskin, Dave Tarrida, and Jamie Liddell. Yes, I'm name-dropping. Who gets to sit at a table with all those cats?

Jamie's this good-looking white boy from the UK who sings soul vocals over weird electronic beats. I hadn't seen him since 2001 at the old Tresor. He was doing a live act with Cristian Vogel at the time called Supercollider, and I played after them. In fact the videos on my Myspace page are from that same gig.

Anyway, Jamie's the one who did that "lil bit mo, a lil bit mo" track in the Target commercials and I asked him how that came to be. Those commercials only run in the USA so nobody here knew how he sold out. Ha. He told a story of his shady label trying to get publishing points on his song, and shady advertising companies trying to look cool. He got paid though. I actually like Jamie and don't resent him getting rich, unlike some other techno carpetbaggers who have sold music to corporations.

I also met this young fashion designer named Tillman Lauterbach. Why he was at our table, I don't know. He's from Berlin, but lives and works in Paris. His girlfriend was gorgeous. She was wearing one of his outfits, it was great. So I made friends with this cat. I'm trying to wear his t-shirt designs on tour. If nothing else it will give me motivation to keep the weight off.

Other than that, just been doing a bunch of new artwork in between gigs, and plotting out my next moves for '08. Berlin gives you clarity. It's basically just you and your thoughts, with no distractions. Like a retreat.

Barcelona is next, I'll keep you posted.

-AO :: 7:16 PM ::


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