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Back in the USA.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Well, back from European tour. This was the best one yet despite a small crisis that caused me to miss my Poland date (thanks for being so understanding, guys).

I didn't go out too much in Berlin this time. There's usually something going on every night, but in between jet lag and catching a cold, I was all business this time out. Got a lot of artwork done, though, and made a lot of plans for new projects.

Met a lot of interesting, non-techno people in Berlin, though. It's nice to talk to people in the real world instead of the Matrix.

I also had fun playing with and hanging out with my minimal sidekick, Chroma S. We played in Wittenberg, Germany together and also did a tag in Berlin. I'm trying to work it out so we play more dates together in Europe.

Best dates were Tresor Berlin (as always), Moog Barcelona, and Movement Milano.

I was especially surprised by the Moog. It's a Wednesday night party that's been going on for years. The last time I was there in '04, it was completely dead. I remember being up there spinning and wishing I could shoot myself. This time, though, it was completely different. The crowd was incredible, the sound was perfect, the mixer was perfect. I found out the club's got new management, and it shows. Plus, hotel and meal were excellent. What a great night! Thanks to Robert X and crew.

Milan, what can I say. Those guys took care of me all weekend. Great show (hot, sold out and packed to the gills), great hotel, great meals, great city.

They even took me to see Kool and the Gang live in the city square. They played a free show. Weird how you have to go all the way overseas to hear real Black Music played by Black musicians on real instruments.

Oh, and the WOMEN. Milan is the fashion capital of Europe if not the planet, and it shows. If you're a man like I am who appreciates vicious pumps and stilletto heels on a girl, go to Milan and just sit on a park bench. I will say no more on the subject.

So the last leg of the tour was especially wild. I'm on the last flight out of Milan back to Berlin, which puts me back at the flat close to midnight. Some coffee, a shower and packing, and I'm out at 3:30 am for a 6 am flight to Amsterdam. No sleep. Then from A'dam to Chicago at 10:35 am. Wild. As you can imagine, I slept on the plane coming back.

There was a chick next to me that was coughing and sneezing the whole flight, wonderful. I was trying to get over my own cold. Being a nice guy, I shared some of my cough drops with her =P

Now I'm finally back and in the studio in Chicago and getting back to my normal self. Well, until next weekend when I go to Mexico. =)

I'm thankful for being so busy. Hopefully, it will continue. Thanks to all who are reading this for making it all possible.

PS: Forgot to mention, I saw the model Angie Everhart at the airport in A'dam. I was in the middle of changing my money and by the way I was done, she was gone. I also saw Common at the airport when I got back to Chicago. He was pretty cool. He acted like he knew me. He's either cool as hell or had me confused with somebody else. I asked him if he was gonna be Green Lantern in the Justice League movie. He said he didn't know yet.

-AO :: 11:52 AM ::


  • uhm i'm supposed to be doing a "T" with my hands in the fourth photo (Milano). use a bit of imagination and you'll see it...

    lol proud of being here! ^^ it has been the night of the year, absolutely incredible, totally shocking and completely devastating. hope you'll come here (or even better in torino, less girls but a way nicer city) soooon!!

    cheers! waiting for your lowtempo (!) cd!
    Stefano [devote/6884]

    By Blogger Stefano, on Monday, November 05, 2007 9:58:00 AM  

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