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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Year in Review.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Well first of all, 2007 was the year my career came roaring back thanks to Myspace. All of a sudden, people could get hold of me to book me who couldn't before, for whatever reason. I went to Europe a LOT in '07, most times playing places I'd never played before. I made a lot of friends all over the world.

I also played a lot of small-town American parties, which I prefer over big city dates. I like it when it's a few people in a small place trying to make it happen. It's worth the pay cut when the people are sincere, non-jaded, and into the music.

Speaking of Myspace, I've gotten cooler with old friends like Terrence Dixon, Mike Huckaby, Buzz Goree and Octave One. I talk to/see those cats more now than I did when I lived in Detroit. I also ran into Jeff Mills a lot this year, in Berlin, New York and here in Chicago.

Tresor the club reopened in '07, breaking the minimal stranglehold in Berlin and singlehandedly bringing dancefloor techno back. I'm grateful for my old friends at Tresor for always including me on their line-ups and look forward to playing the one year anniversary in May!

Although I actually met Chroma S. back in late '06, '07 was the year we hung out more, and played more together. We both rocked Kuche 187 in Wittenberg, Germany and also did a small, fun thing at Sanatorium 23 in Berlin, where she's the resident. She also got me on the 2007 Planet Pro lineup and introduced me to all her friends, a fresh young clique of cool Berlin kids. I don't make new friends easily so I'm even more affected by our friendship.

Here in Chicago, I started working with Jimmy and Jane from Essenza, as well as Kim aka LadyParasyte. I wouldn't have been able to realize my new projects without their input. Such fresh and talented voices pushing me in new directions.

I did a bunch of art projects this year as well. My celebrity clients included Ben Sims and Arne Weinberg. I also did some paintings for two of my patrons. I just got a request for another art show, I guess I have to get to work on new stuff!

Generator came back in 2007 with my electro project The Neon Sex Fiend. As well as listening to new producers, we are pushing Miles Christian a.k.a. Mauser, whose new EP drops this month. He is by far the most funky, talented young producer in Chicago right now, bar none. Crazy as hell, but funky.

In 2007, my business partner Giaxia had my back, giving me ideas for projects all the time. "The Art of Transformation" series was actually her idea, as well as designing all my websites and helping me out with mailorders, which also jumped in 2007. Thank you!

And of course all of you who support my artwork, CDs and DJing are very important to making my year so successful! I thank you all for reading and all the best to you for 2008!

-AO :: 3:22 PM ::


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