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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Haven't wrote a blog in a minute. There's nothing going on to write about! 2008 hasn't been anything to get excited about so far. I go back to Berlin in May to tour, that's the biggest thing happening right now. It'll be cool to get out of the Chi for awhile. Not that the Chi is bad, far from it. Looking forward to the summer months here.

"The Art of Transformation 2" is doing well though! Thanks for the support. Click here for a review in German. And here's Thaddi Herrmann's review in De:Bug, also in Deutsch.

Woody McBride has picked up my "Track For Ron Murphy" for his "Minimal Communique Vol. 6" compilation on Beatport. Good to be working with my old friend Woody again.

Also did an interview for GSP Magazine that has just been posted. For once an interview with me by Americans, in English! Thanks to the Sarahs. Click bolded to read.

I also found this blog about my old album "Enginefloatreactor" on a site that primarily deals with queer content in music. Very interesting. Gay people obviously have good taste.

Speaking of which, check my Myspace page for spanking brand new tracks: myspace.com/blackmanfromthefuture. These are the first new DJ T-1000 tracks I've done in quite some time after doing lowtempo, trip-hop and industrial. I'm just basically doing tracks for myself now and putting them up on the player for fun. Let me know what you think.

And no DEMF for me, for those who have asked. I'll be playing Altavoz in sunny (I hope) Italy that weekend. I have no interest to go back to Detroit to spin.

I'm loving Barack Obama but I'm scared to really get into him because they'll figure out a way to shaft him out of his due. As Al Gore showed us in 2000, the will of the people means nothing. I used to really be a huge fan of President Clinton but after this campaign, the afterglow is gone.

Thanks to Shake for a cool e-mail he sent me.

-AO :: 11:33 PM ::


  • grin - just had your enginefloatreactor today in my ears while walking early morning in a drizzling rain to work - works perfect. still love that record. and thanks for pointing to my blog. it's highly appreciated.
    bow, sunbathinglizard

    By Blogger sunbathinglizard, on Monday, March 31, 2008 5:10:00 PM  

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