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Friday, May 23, 2008

Played last weekend in Madrid with Ben Sims, Regis, Surgeon, Mark Williams, Mike Grant, Tyree Cooper and a bunch of others. They had the English guys in the main hall while they had a "Made in USA" area outside the actual building for us Americans (who all just happened to be black, hmmm). It was like a gazebo you'd have a wedding in, only bigger. Hardly anybody was at our area, needless to say. Oh well, did my 90 minutes, and got paid so who's complaining. Plus got to see a whole bunch of people I hadn't seen in awhile, including Mr. Grant.

Also ran into Joey Beltram at our hotel. He had a Spanish gig that same night. I hadn't seen Joey face to face in over 15 years.

Regis flew in with me from Berlin and back. His sense of humor kept me going on that trip. He had me cracking up the whole time. Our return flight to Berlin was at 8:55 am, complete with crying baby, so you can imagine dementia was beginning to take hold. Mr. O'Connor is a true gent.

Been keeping a low profile in Berlin this week. Bought some records at Space Hall and Hardwax. Wanted to buy a new record case but they don't have any here with wheels (my shit got messed up in Madrid, don't ask). I saw a record case for €250 and it didn't even have wheels. For €250 it should have anti-grav generators and a homing device so it can follow you around.

I was taken out to a nice dinner for my birthday (thank you, Antje!). Was invited out later that night by Chroma, but figured I'd lay low until my gig in Venice tomorrow. The weather here is weird, hot and cold. Everybody's sneezing and shit. Don't wanna take any chances.

So it's Venice tomorrow! I've never been there. I'm only in for one day, dammit. I wanna do the tourist thing and take a ride in a gondola.

-AO :: 3:23 PM ::


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