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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just got back from rocking the MOOG once again. I played there last October. Still the best midweek party in Europe. Small club, but super crowd. Hot and packed to the gills. I played on a new Vestax mixer and I must say it's the shit. Better than the Pioneer and I imagine more affordable than an Allen & Heath Xone mixer.

As I watched the opening DJ, Deckard, play his set, I noticed a lot of the new stuff he was playing off Traktor was missing something. Basslines, thump, swing. Nothing jumped out at me. Could it be that people are now producing tracks with an eye towards it being digitally distributed, hence the old analog warmth is lost? And in trying to keep with the minimal hype, have newer producers become formulaic?

When I started playing, I dropped some of that old Italian stuff. Gaetano Parisio, old Marco Carola, and the place started chuggin'. Say want you want, that shit still works. It's funky, soulful and hard all at once. Got into some newer UR, the latest Axis stuff, and a couple of my old Pure Sonik classics. Kids were going at it. By the time I dropped Stacey Pullen's "Ritual Beating System" they were climbing the walls. It's got an African chant in it that sounds like "Obama"!

This is why I'll continue to play the shit that works, man. Fuck being trendy, I'm classic. I mean, I like minimal when DJs who know how to play it are playing it. Troy Pierce and Magda at Weekend in Berlin in 2005 remains one of the best parties I've ever been to, and my girl Chroma is an amazing minimal DJ. But when it's time to go to work, I'll stick with the heavy tracks that rock shows, thank you. If the crowd at MOOG was any indication, I'm on the right track.

As usual didn't see too much of Barcelona, as I was in and out. But what I saw, I liked. Such an inspiring place. Lots of color, bad-ass architecture, avant-garde typefaces blasting at you, artists everywhere. The MOOG people took care of me, as usual. Another great night in Spain. Next time, maybe I'll stay for a couple of extra days and do the tourist thing.

Photos by Ena.

-AO :: 5:03 PM ::


  • Moog is the club... i used to work in a restaurant 5 minutes away from it, and it's the place where i've spent more crazy and non crazy nights in Barcelona... maybe it's just the nostalgy, but i've never found a place like that arround ;)

    Cheers dude!

    Erik aka Further

    By Blogger Erik, on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 7:11:00 PM  

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