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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Was in Dresden last night at the BK8 Club. Another great night in Deutschland. There were a few more people there this time than when I was there last year, which was good. Usually it's a super-hard club, like gabber style, but I brought the madness down a few BPMs. Gotta keep the funk in it, baby. I didn't go over 140. The crowd was into me, though. I don't care if it's a small crowd as long as they're going for it on the dancefloor. You couldn't even get that many people to a techno party in the States, sad but true.

Earlier that day, Marcel, the promoter, took me to see historic Dresden, the old district. What a beautiful place in the early summertime. I'm usually there when it's cold. And dark. Due to camera issues, there are no pics, unfortunately (I'm getting a new one when I get home, fuck it). We had dinner alfresco, surrounded by beautiful people. Super, super cool. What a life I've chiseled for myself.

A two hour drive in the German countryside and here I am, back in Berlin.

So I saw on CNN that Hillary finally got out and pledged her support to Obama. Well, that wasn't long, drawn-out, borderline racist ("Well, you know, RFK was assassinated in June..."), and bitter. Thanks, Hill. I always said she wasn't the one, you can ask Jeff Mills and his wife, we were talking about it last New Year's Day at JFK airport waiting to go back to Chicago. Yes, I'm name-dropping, but I've known him over 20 years, so what can I tell you. I also said then that John Edwards would be the nominee, so I'm not perfect.

Anyway, it's my last day of relaxation here in sunny Berlin. Last-minute shopping and sending out postcards tomorrow, then back to the crib on Tuesday, a.k.a. reality. Ripping the studio apart in anticipation of new gear, finishing two album covers, and publishing the Wizard World preview version of "Johnny Gambit: The Prodigal Son" =)

One last thing. I went to see Chroma play at Tascheles/High End Club on Friday. She was good as usual. So this friend of hers came to DJ next, right? He had Serato. Anyway, there was some issue with the right channel and his Serato couldn't get a signal. So he had to beat-match with the Serato using only one deck. Chroma, of course, still plays wax, so she had no problem.

You see where I'm going with this.

So it's "auf wiedersehn" to my beloved Deutschland until next time. Next blog will be live from Chicago.

Over and out.

-AO :: 6:22 AM ::


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