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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

My Weekend.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Went to the Wizard World convention on Saturday. It was pretty cool, but not as many publishers, big-name guests or celebrities as I expected. We saw Lou Ferrigno, that was it. Tried to get a pic, but it came out blurry. He was charging for pics, so it was on the sly. I caught up on my Ashley Wood purchases at a discount, though. I love cons, you can make deals. Just be loud and ask what they can do for you on price. Those guys don't wanna be hauling that shit back after the show.

Speaking of Ash, bought "Duostar Racers" at the con. Ash has finally succeeded in doing a comic where I can't tell what the fuck is going on. I mean for real. There's a sketchbook part in the back, but the whole thing is a sketchbook! It looks like he did the whole thing in a couple of hours. Oh well, I love the man's work so I'll let this one slide.

Ran into Cornelius from UR, inexplicably. I had no idea he was into comics all this time. Also saw a lot of old faces from my days going to cons in Detroit. I guess we're all arrested adolescents.

Passed out a few of the JOHNNY GAMBIT previews in hopes of getting picked up by a real publisher. They came out great, but my page sequence got messed up and a double-page splash I did didn't come out right. It was a short run though (25 copies) and will be fixed next time along with other tweaks. Quality was great otherwise. I'm selling a few of them, let me know if you want one. It might be worth something because of the printing error.

My weekend was action packed. I treated Giaxia to the con, so she treated me to "Wanted." Once you get past the fact that it's almost nothing like the comic, it was great. Best action set pieces and slo-mo gunplay since "The Matrix." I like when people do cool new things with guns, like Gunkata in "Equilibrium." In "Wanted" the big thing was making bullets curve around corners.

And Angelina Jolie is fucking Wonder Woman! Okay?! Get it done, DC. Dye her hair black and put her ass in the suit. You already fucked around and let Catherine Zeta-Jones get too old. Marvel is kicking your ass at the box office.

They ran a trailer for the new Punisher movie, "Punisher: War Zone." HOT TO DEATH. Ray Stevenson is the new Punisher. He was Titus Pullo in the great HBO series "Rome." Shit looks wayyyyy hotter than the Tom Jane/John Travolta one. And it's a female director, too! The whole thing looked like a Tim Bradstreet cover come to life as directed by John Woo circa "Hard Boiled." Looks like Marvel is going back and remaking their flops. Between that and the trailer for "Death Race," "The Dark Knight" looks staid by comparison. I'm not super-excited about it to be honest.

Getting ready to get back in the studio to make some techno. I've been too busy to rip my studio apart and rewire the whole thing like I want, but I'm getting to it. Also in the design phase for the trip-hop CD. I'm doing it myself. I'm finally gonna get it out this fall on xfive. MP3 previews coming soon.

Artwise, I'm doing a painting now and starting an album cover for Paul Birken.

Hope you're having a nice summer. I sure am. Hit me up. Leave a comment here or on Myspace.

Over and out.

-AO :: 11:52 AM ::


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