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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Notes From Tour.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back in Berlin for a beautiful sunny day. Summer is definitely here in Europe. I really don't feel like doing anything, just chill at the flat. Here are some impressions from my last few dates.

Played Tresor Friday night. Not as busy as usual because it was the first warm night, plus Jeff Mills was playing the next night. It was pretty cool nonetheless. It's Tresor. Lars a.k.a. Funk D'Void was playing upstairs. Wild character. I'm actually seeing him tomorrow night at Moog in Barcelona (I'm headlining there).

Went to Dublin on Saturday afternoon. I'd never been there before. Liked it a lot! My hosts were very hospitable. I was treated to a BBQ when I arrived. Turns out Paris aka Detroit Grand Pubahs were in town. My host Stephanie and I went to the venue and stayed 'till 2 am and he never showed up. He probably came as soon as we left.

The name of the venue was Macgruder's. All that night the SNL skit was in my head.

After a day of sightseeing (and catching the season finale of LOST!), I played on the Sunday night as the next day was a Bank Holiday. I was way into it (the crowd was too!) when the club pulled the plug 15 minutes early. Fuck, I was pissed. I tried to play some extra records but the bouncer started looming over me. What a disappointment. It was a really good, funky set. The people were feeling it. Oh well, hopefully next time. Thanks to Subject and Nice n' Nasty for bringing me out.

I'd talk about the Irish girls I saw but it's politically incorrect to talk about women as sex objects. PM a brotha for details fellas, Uncle Al will hook you up.

Came home to Berlin on Monday afternoon. Ran into a friend at Warschauer Str. It was this beautiful black girl, Adora, who's friends with Miss Yetti. It's deep I run into people I know here on the street like a local.

It was still early so I got a massage on Spreewaldplatz. I'd never gotten a professional massage before. OMG. It was great. I had to pull my shorts halfway down my ass so she could do her thing, but I was like hey, it's Europe. She was feeling all these little stress points in my back, under my skin. My only complaint is that I wish the massage were harder. I want some big fucker to just rearrange my spine and twist my neck off.

I think she'll be the official Monday afternoon post-gig spot from now on, though. She told me to come back next week so she can work on my shoulder. It'll be my last Monday here before I go back to the States so I'll be there. There's a masseuse on Milwaukee Ave. back in the Chi, I think I'll hit her up when I get back. She's a little Asian thing, though, I want it hard.

Lenny and Lawrence (Octave One) were here and Lenny was telling me he was getting a little homesick. I thought to myself, "not me." LOL. What's with me? I don't care about anything. That concerns me sometimes. But not much, ha ha.

Off to Barcelona tomorrow to rock the Moog!

Over and out.

-AO :: 7:19 AM ::


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