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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

The Inside.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's the first look/listen at my new trip-hop/atmospheric project from me and my friends, The Inside. I've been talking about it on this blog for over two years, and here it is finally! "Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends" is the title of the CD and it'll be out in September on xfive/Pure Sonik in a limited pressing of 100. Meanwhile, I've got the first track, "On The Inside," cued up below so just press play and check it out! It's not techno at all. Also, you can click pic to see it bigger. Leave some feedback if you like.

Over and out.


-AO :: 8:13 PM ::


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