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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Shit I'm Working On Right Now Part 2.

Monday, October 27, 2008

*Series of painted nudes (will post early next week). You know you like that...

*Finished the Johnny Gambit soundtrack! Release: early 2009. Label: Pure Sonik. Series #: PURE18. Music type: Techno. Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital.

*Also working on tracks for PURE19 and PURE20 vinyl/digital releases, also 2009.

* Illustrated the album cover for "Generator: Broadcast in Hi-Tech" compilation.

*Licensed a track ("Minimal Soul") to Minimalsoul label out of Vienna. Buy the mp3 here.

*Tweaking the ending of "Johnny Gambit 01: The Prodigal Son" comic (one extra page, credits redesigned, added more images to the old-school gallery at the end). Taking preorders soon!

*Hit a snag with the German translation of Johnny Gambit. Anybody out there in Deutschland wanna translate it? Just don't do it in Word, use APPLETEXT/TEXTEDIT or make a .pdf file of it. My friend did it in Word and eight whole pages of script got chopped out. Hit me up.

*On page six of "Johnny Gambit 02: Red Skies at Night."

*Updating all websites, I know it's been a while. Official news of the return of Pure Sonik Records after a six-year absence.

I've been on this YouTube kick lately listening to old TV music cues and bumpers from when I was a kid. Here's one from the CBS Late Movie from the '70s. It's a good one 'cause usually an announcer would talk over it. Yeah, I know I'm weird. And here's the theme from the NBC Mystery Movie! Classic.

With the holidays almost upon us, what better time to post my wish list on Amazon! Since I basically spend all my money on gear, records, clothes, art supplies, CD and record pressings, and comic book publishing so I can entertain you, my beautiful audience (and look semi-good doing it), maybe some of you can lavish some of your generosity on me =) Just a thought...click button at left. ;-)

For all my friends in France, I started working with a new booking agent there. Bryan Hervieu at Vibes and Pepper Artist Management is the man if you want to book me there. We are looking at Spring 2009 dates. For all inquiries for France, contact him direct at

Skype: bryan_hervieu
E-mail: infos.pepper@orange.fr
Website: www.vapmanagement.com

See you in Brooklyn on October 31! The last time I played a club in Manhattan it was a disaster. Underground parties are where I belong. Keep the old school vibe alive!

If you wanna leave comments it has to be on Myspace or you can e-mail me at: info@puresonikrecords.net

Over and Out.

-AO :: 4:06 PM ::


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