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Tamaryn, Cafe Zapata Berlin, 7 Dec 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So I was chillin' in Berlin between tour dates (it was a rough fucking tour this time, believe me), listening to some music online, and was listening to Tamaryn's "Mild Confusion" for the zillionth time. My friend Jimmy (who helped me make The Inside album) had turned me on to these shoegazers, knowing how much I love the genre.

Anyway I just happened to check their Myspace page and it turned out they were playing Berlin on one of my nights off, so I decided to check them out. I even got my friend Anita to come out and she brought her roommate.

Show was kinda short since they have only one album out, but I loved it. Atmospheric, with just the right cross between the old school shoegaze of Slowdive or Chapterhouse and new school influences like Sigur Ros or the XX.

Only complaints: a) the opening band was louder, and b) not enough FX on Rex's guitar. In shoegaze, one guitar is supposed to sound like five. LOL.

I got to talk to Tamaryn before the show (I had left a comment on their Facebook fan page) and she knew who I was. Before she became an indie rock star, she was a raver! And she knew my name from when I used to play the West Coast back in the late 90s. I was taken aback by this, I never expect anybody to recognize my name, especially people from other genres.

I talked to the guitarist/other half of Tamaryn, Rex, after the show. He's really cool too, as you can see from the last pic above.

If you're into indie rock, check them out. They get the full T-1000 endorsement. I'm getting my shit together for a full-on indie rock set here in Chicago soon and they are on my playlist.

And yes, for those of you just joining us, I am a semi-famous black Detroit Techno DJ/producer who listens to indie rock. I'm well-rounded like that.

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-AO :: 5:57 PM ::


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