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My First-Ever Beats With MASCHINE MIKRO!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick thoughts from a beginner on MASCHINE MIKRO: More complicated than it needs to be, but better than Reason, which I despise. Something relatively simple like choosing between 32-64 bit list paths is a pain in the ass. I am actually hiring a tech guy to do just this. Why are my modules 64-bit and Maschine itself 32-bit? Why not be able just to drag & drop sounds/stems from your desktop or modules into MASCHINE´╗┐? I don't get it. I think they just build all this techy/geeky stuff in on purpose.

Love the controller/pads, though. I can tell I'm gonna end up muting channels live (old school way) rather than make scenes. On my trusty MMT-8, you only got 8 tracks, MASCHINE MIKRO gives you 16. Decent on-board sounds but will be even better once I get my own sounds installed (haven't got that far yet). Most every sound I used to use is available online as WAVs or MP3s. Hoping Maschine doesn't fight me on that, we shall see.

Didn't get MASSIVE with it, the Maschine's too old (It's a Mark I from 2011, I got it used). Maybe some NI friends will hook me up. I should have held out for the bigger version with MIDI in/out and colored pads, but the opportunity was there for me to cop this. All in all, pretty cool piece for not much money since I'm away from my real studio. Shallow learning curve and fun once you get going! I've got two remix requests, so I'm on a crash course here.

Love from Berlin!

-AO :: 6:17 AM ::


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